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5 Tools For Excellent Academic Writing

We all know academic essay writing can be difficult especially when there are multiple essays all due about the same time. Owning good writing skills comes from consistent practice asides getting help from the writing centers. Academic writing involves gathering information, putting your thoughts down, re-writing them in proper grammar, reading and constantly revising until […]

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Guest Feature: Preparing To Study Abroad With Ile Iwe

The journey of preparing to study abroad can be quite challenging especially if you do not know how to go about securing admission and getting a student visa. I have brought Ile-iwe education services here to discuss how to prepare for the study abroad process. This feature covers the countries you should be looking out […]

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One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a province in Atlantic Canada that is bilingual constitutionally. It is home to several universities such as the University of Moncton, Mount Allison University and the University of Fredericton. According to World Atlas, New Brunswick is the most visited Atlantic Province. It is popularly known to be home to Fundy National Park, […]

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What Life Lessons I have Learnt From The Coronavirus Crisis?

The global pandemic, Coronavirus resulted in everyone forced to stay home while schools, shops and businesses had to shut down indefinitely. With most parts of the world reopening gradually, it felt right to reflect on life lessons I have learnt from the coronavirus crisis. Here are the 10 lessons learnt from the coronavirus crisis : […]

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