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Study Abroad Planner - Free Download

Here is a free planner for you to use & you will abroad by December 2023.

The 12-month schedule in this planner is very helpful for students who desire to study in Canada. A planner created to deliver results.

This planner organizes all the tasks into monthly goals for obtaining success from your university application to arriving at your study abroad destination. Download a copy of this ebook right away!

What you will gain from this planner :

  • You go from zero to clarity with the step by step Guide from obtaining admission to applying for study visa.
  • Monthly goals for your study abroad journey are already predetermined
  • The great thing is you can start any month , it doesn’t have to January to December. You have a column to fill your own month
  • You get to cross off each task after getting through them.
  • If you cannot afford a study agent , this a good tool to get you started and you can start asking your agent the right question(s).
Study Abroad Planner
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