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How To Get A Driver's License In Nova Scotia

One of the best ways to get around in Canada is by driving and before you can do that you need a driver’s license from your province. Nova Scotia is one of the many beautiful provinces in Atlantic Canada to live and you have to know how to get a driver’s license in Nova Scotia. So here is everything you need to know about obtaining a driver’s license in Nova Scotia for both new and experienced drivers.

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Experienced Driver in Nova Scotia

As an experienced driver, you can swap your license to a Nova Scotia full license if you come from the following countries without taking the road  & written test.

For those with driving experience outside these countries mentioned above, you will be required to pass the written and road exam. The exam asks various questions about road signs and road rules in Canada. Once you pass you will get a driver’s license – 5R, this means your license is restricted to someone with driving experience sitting next to you whenever you drive till you pass your road test.

New Driver in Nova Scotia

For a new driver, your process will be slightly different from a driver with experience. You will have to take 25 hours of class sessions and 10 hours of road sessions with a driving school. Once you pass your written test you get a:

  •  learner’s permit, then after passing your road test you get
  • Newly Licensed Driver’s License
  • Restricted License
  • Then full class 5 license

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Paying For A Road Test & Book A Date

You can pay for your road test online in Nova Scotia. Afterwards, you proceed to call the Registry of Motor vehicles to book a date. Before making this call you have to figure out where you will take your test. People tend to think that you stand a better chance of passing if you take your road test outside of Halifax. More people tend to book road tests in the Summer than in winter.


Accessing Your Readiness For The Road Test In Nova Scotia

Depending on your confidence level and driving experience, you will need to prepare for your road test adequately. Driving classes are not cheap and you shouldn’t carry on with classes without telling your instructor areas to focus on. My struggle was with shoulder checks as it was new to me. Here are a few areas you will be tested but are not limited to this :

  • Obeying the traffic signs
  • Left & Right turns (including at an intersection)
  • Shoulder checks
  • Speed limit
  • Merging on the highway
  • Curbside parking
  • Reverse parking

There are lots of youtube videos you can also watch that will also help you prepare for your road test.

Here is what worked for me :

  • Took about 20 hours of driving class on the road (not classroom)
  • I always asked the instructors to assess my driving and readiness for the test
  • I can use a session of the class to focus on my weak spots.
  • Put on a performance for the driving test assessment, put your best driving self forward & do not be nervous
  • Practise a lot in the area where you are having your test.

The truth is it takes only one mistake to get a fail but focus on all the things you can get right.

Upon passing, as a driver with previous driving experience, you get your full class 5 license which has no restrictions. Wishing you all the best in your driving test!

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