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6 Travel Tips For Crossing US border


With the vacation season finally kicking off, you don’t have to worry about deciding if this is the right time to visit the US regardless of what is going on with the current administration. I visited the US recently and it was fascinating to discover US flights from Halifax are treated as domestic flights in Canada. A passenger goes through the US immigration in Canada and on arriving in the US you do not go through any border checks which I think is really cool.

My experience at the border was not the best as I did not prepare for what I could have encountered. A couple of friends gave me heads up but it still did not prepare me for what I was to face at the border. Whether you are crossing the Canada/US border or departing from your home country, the passport you hold determines your experience. It is important to point out that the administration has changed so there are scrutinies regarding visitors and immigrants. Here are 6 things you should know before approaching the US border: 


1. Bind all your passports together 

The essence of binding your old and new passport is so the immigration officer can understand your travel history (lol…this is becoming my favourite word on this blog ). It is somewhat an assurance that you will not overstay in the US.

2. Hold on to your Permanent Residency card or Study Permit 

3. Know everything about your US trip 

Where you are staying? What will you be doing? When do you plan on returning? Making a list on your phone and possibly screenshots of what you will be doing in the US and everything else relating to your trip. Ensure all that information is at your fingertips.

4. Prepare to be asked several questions by the immigration officer 

All the information from your previous and current US applications is accessible to the immigration officer. Questions will be asked surrounding your applications and your intentions with your current trip. Your life is an open book and you could get possible questions on your intentions in the US. You will get questioned on a whole new level if you are going to a state that isn’t stated in your application.

5. Don’t Lie

I mentioned this in my post on increasing your chance in securing the US visa about not lying on your application. Be sure you remember what you filled in your application form. The immigration officer will drill you with questions hoping to catch you in a lie. Ensure your answers are consistent with your application.

6. Don’t Panic, Relax and answer the questions

The questions get too much because they are hoping to catch you in a lie. Don’t get upset if the officer is asking you silly questions like If you are going to get married in the US, the status of who you are going to visit or what they do for a living? It is all part of the process, take a deep breath and relax.

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