Should I come to Canada as a Student or Permanent Residency ?

Many people from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Australia, are packing their belongings and relocating to Canada, whether as a foreign student or Permanent Resident (PR). Canada has emerged as a highly […]

Step by Step Guide to Applying For Permanent Residency in Canada

There are several pathways to becoming a permanent resident in Canada and the express entry programme is one of the most common routes for millions of individuals to immigrate there. This programme is known as the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, […]

What Is It Like Living In Quebec?

The only region in North America with a native language other than English is Quebec, which is also Canada's second most populous province after Ontario. There are many English speakers all around you in Quebec's major towns like Montreal, which [...]

Pathways To Permanent Residency For International Students in Canada

There are over 100 immigration pathways to permanent residency for international students in Canada. The journey from transitioning from being an international student to a permanent resident is never an easy or straightforward path. Back in the day, all you [...]

Birth tourism: Top Countries That Grant Citizenship By Birth

Birth tourism is one of the more affordable ways to get your child a second passport. This is when a child is born in a country other than their parents’ country of origin or residence with the sole purpose of […]

Citizenship By Investment – 10 Countries You Can Buy Your Second Passport

Attaining a second citizenship is beyond the passport itself – It is an opportunity to own a stronger passport than the one you are born with. One of the quickest ways to own a second passport is through citizenship by […]

Living with foreign roommates abroad

Getting a place to live can be difficult on its own, but finding the ideal roommate can be even more challenging. Whether you are living on campus or off campus there is a high chance you will leave with a […]

How To Become An Accountant In Canada – CPA Qualified

Accountancy is a regulated profession just like a career in Law  or  Medicine . A career in accountancy with a CPA qualification takes about 6 to 7 years and as an immigrant that may take longer that you may consider if […]

How To Get A Driver’s License In Nova Scotia

One of the best ways to get around in Canada is by driving and before you can do that you need a driver’s license from your province. Nova Scotia is one of the many beautiful provinces in Atlantic Canada to […]

Planning A Nigerian Wedding From Canada

Nigerian wedding usually has lots of colour and cultural fusion with families and friends coming together to celebrate the couple. Asides from culture, the religion of the couple and the families also influence the type of Nigerian wedding to be […]

My Trip to Nigeria :  8 Things I did in Nigeria

As a Nigerian visiting Nigeria, it’s always exciting because I get to spend quality time with family as well as see new places. Travelling to Nigeria is not a journey I make often because it’s a long flight from Nova […]

15 must have apps for newcomers in Canada

Apps are now so common around the world that newcomers to Canada can easily settle in using them. The majority of these apps will assist you in your daily life once you have settled in Canada. Here are 15 apps […]

How To Start A Business In Canada

Many people choose to start a business either out of passion or seeking additional ways to make money. Whether you are the former or latter, you can still pursue your entrepreneurial dreams in Canada. Canada is home to immigrants and […]

10 Reasons To Move Abroad

My 10 reasons to move abroad is from the perspective of a young black woman who lived in Lagos, Nigeria and 2 countries later, I am living and thriving.  As I constantly mention, moving overseas impacted my life, and I […]

Financial Guide For International Students In Canada

  Foreign education can be very expensive, students are constantly concerned about how to pay for their tuition and their living expenses. Thousands of international students come to Canada and do not know how to stretch the dollar. In order […]

What do In Your First Week In Canada

This post contains affiliate links Are you arriving in Canada this year ? There is so much that goes into settling in a new country and knowing what to get after in your first week in Canada will set you […]

How to Become A Canadian Citizen 

Canada has become one of the most sought-after countries in the world that allows immigrants to leave their country and join the country’s workforce with very little barrier to entry. The process can get really complicated and I have decided […]

A Travel Guide To Montreal, Quebec

A trip to Montreal is undoubtedly one of the city vacations you should include on your bucket list. I enjoyed how the vacation put my French skills to the test. If you’re planning to visit France, this is surely a […]

What Is Life Like Living In Alberta ?

If there is a province that is on my bucket list to visit, it is definitely Alberta. I have heard so many great things about the province so I decided to get Sarah to share what living in Alberta is […]

What Is Life like Living In Manitoba?

Manitoba is known for its high population of polar bears and extreme winter weather. However, do not let that scare you as there are lots of people moving there through the various immigration routes. It is home to the University […]

Everything You Need to Know About IELTS

Whether you are applying to study abroad or trying to qualify for the Canadian Immigration pathways, chances are you need to write the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) at some point. IELTS is a test of English exam that […]

Packing List For Relocating To Canada

Are you moving to Canada and you do not know what to pack? This post is for you. Congratulations on making it this far in relocating to Canada. Whether you are moving to Canada as a student or relocating permanently, [...]

Best Technology Programs To Study In University

What you choose to study in college or university is very important as it helps to shape your career path. There are so many courses to choose from which can make the decision of choosing a lot harder.  If you […]

Top Tech Careers In Demand For You That Don’t Require Coding

It is widely known that if you are not a doctor or a lawyer, the next highest earners are those that work in technology. The phrase ” tech career” is used loosely but it is derived from anyone who has […]

Cost of Living in Canada for International Students

When considering moving abroad for studies, the most important consideration is cost. Everyone wants to know how much money to have in your local currency and how far it will get you in Canadian dollars. Asides from tuition, the cost […]

What is life like in Nova Scotia?

 Nova Scotia is one of Atlantic Canada’s most popular provinces. There isn’t much information available about life in Nova Scotia to enlighten new immigrants and those considering relocating to the Atlantic. This post will consist of answering questions about what […]

What Is Life Like In British Columbia?

British Columbia, also known as BC, is one of Canada’s most desirable provinces to live in. To get a closer look into life in British Columbia, I have a guest feature that will tell you everything you need to know […]

What Is Life Like In Canada’s Territories, Nunavut?

Knowing which province to settle in is essential if you want to migrate to Canada via Study, Express Entry, or Provincial Nomination. I previously shared a post about what life is like in Saskatchewan, which you can read about here. […]

What is living in Saskatchewan like ?

Whether you want to migrate to Canada via Study, Express Entry or Provincial Nomination route, knowing what province to settle in is very important. Saskatchewan is one of the provinces in Canada and Doyin is here to tell us what […]

Which is better: Canada or The UK?

People frequently associate Canada with its cold weather and snow, whereas the United Kingdom (UK) is associated with the English accent and the Tower Bridge. Both Canada and the UK are much more than the aforementioned. Having lived in the […]

Spousal Sponsorship Application To Canada with Citadel Global Immigration

With people moving to Canada either through Study or Express Entry, immigrants find themselves in long-distance relationships or leaving their partner in their home country. Many people do not know that they can reunite with their partner and family by […]

Being Black In Corporate Canada

In Corporate Canada, diversity and inclusion are amongst the most talked about goals of almost every organization. The goal of this is to create a diverse work environment that reflects society and helps organizations achieve their goals. This is a […]

How To Get Your First Job In Canada

Whether you are a student who just finished University / College or you just landed in Canada as a new immigrant, landing your first corporate job can be challenging. People often want to know how to get their first job […]

Can I stay in Canada after Graduation from university?

Graduation is such an exciting time in a student’s life as it marks the milestone of officially obtaining a degree. As an international student, once your education comes to an end you have to think about what your next steps […]

Should I go to Nigeria For NYSC?

When I think of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I think of the journey I never wanted to embark on after I found out I was posted to Bauchi State. For as long as I remember I always prayed […]

How To Apply For University In Canada For International Students

Canada is now a popular destination for international students for so many reasons. It offers world-class education to international students and also the opportunity to work and remain in the country after completing their program. This post includes a step […]

Different Ways To Move Abroad

EVER DREAMED OF MOVING ABROAD? THIS POST CONTAINS DIFFERENT WAYS YOU CAN MOVE ABROAD LEGALLY. Moving abroad brings a fresh outlook to life, it gives you the perfect opportunity to start a new career, a new lifestyle and make new […]

Financial Tips For Newcomers To Canada

 Learning about finance in a new country can be very difficult for newcomers. As a Nigerian living in Canada, I grew up not knowing anything about credit card, mortgage, leasing amongst all the other terms that exist in the Canadian […]

How To Become A Medical Doctor in Canada

A medical career is a very rewarding career that takes years of practice and a lot of financial investment. The path to becoming a medical doctor in Canada can be unclear, in particular, to internationally trained medical doctors who want […]

Winter Clothing Essentials In Canada

Whether you are visiting or you are coming to study or live in Canada. One thing you have probably heard about Canada is that it is cold and that is not a lie. It is important for you to have […]

5 Tools For Excellent Academic Writing

We all know academic essay writing can be difficult especially when there are multiple essays all due about the same time. Owning good writing skills comes from consistent practice asides from getting help from the writing centers. Academic writing involves […]

Guest Feature: Preparing To Study Abroad With Ile Iwe

The journey of preparing to study abroad can be quite challenging especially if you do not know how to go about securing admission and getting a student visa. I have brought Ile-iwe education services here to discuss how to prepare […]

One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a province in Atlantic Canada that is bilingual constitutionally. It is home to several universities such as the University of Moncton, Mount Allison University and the University of Fredericton. According to World Atlas, New Brunswick is the […]

The Ultimate Study Abroad Bucket List

Studying abroad is more than getting an education in a foreign country. It is opening yourself up to new cultures and experiences. Life is all about creating beautiful memories and looking back in time to appreciate the memories created. This […]

Is A Master’s Degree Worth It?

The decision to obtain a master ‘s degree often comes from either wanting to specialize in a particular field or delve into another career path. Other times, it may be because one is unemployable and searching for opportunities to improve […]

What Life Lessons I have Learnt From The Coronavirus Crisis?

The global pandemic, Coronavirus resulted in everyone forced to stay home while schools, shops and businesses had to shut down indefinitely. With most parts of the world reopening gradually, it felt right to reflect on life lessons I have learnt […]

Tips For Taking Online Classes

It is certain that most universities will continue their online classes in the fall as the world is still dealing with the global pandemic, coronavirus. With that said, students who are either new or returning will have to anticipate online […]

Racism Through The Eyes of An African

“The only reason you say that race was not an issue is because you wish it was not. We all wish it was not. But it’s a lie. I came from a country where race was not an issue; I […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving Abroad

My first international move away from my home country, Nigeria started in 2013 where I moved to England to pursue my first degree. Upon returning back home to Nigeria, I did not expect I would find myself in North America. […]

Get to Know The Canadian Education System

Canada has internationally renowned universities, which usually are public and private schools. Most institutions in Canada have undergraduate and Ph.D. programs that take between 3-5 years to complete while for the masters level it takes 1-2 years.  The undergraduate degree […]

10 Things To Do During Quarantine

The lockdown has brought about people disconnecting from the world physically and connecting virtually.  Till further notice, we are stuck indoors with little or no human contact.  The focus during this pandemic has been so much on what we cannot […]

How International Students Are Coping Through COVID-19

Universities across the world have shut down to stop the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown has brought an unforeseen circumstance to the education community which has international students taking most of the impact as they are stuck in the dilemma […]

Requalifying As A Lawyer In Canada | Call to the Ontario Bar 

Requalifying as a lawyer in Canada is quite a journey but you have to know what you are getting into before delving into it. There is so much you have to be aware of especially if you are an internationally […]

Career Alternative For Foreign-Trained Lawyers In Canada

Law is quite restrictive and specific because the laws differ from country to country which means for any country you consider to move to you have to take the bar exam to practise law.  Having a career with transferable skills […]

What is the Dating Scene Like In Canada?

Dating as a millennial comes with its ups and downs but what happens when you decide to pack your bags, move to the other side of the world and experience the dating scene in Canada. It is not strange news […]

What Happens When You Are Sick In Canada

The epidemic of Coronavirus has revealed the importance of health insurance especially when you travel abroad. It often happens that one can get sick when visiting another country, medical bills are racked up in foreign currency that may be expensive […]

Where to Eat & Drink In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a multicultural city with people from all walks of life which means the food in the city is a reflection of the people and culture. With the growing population means a diverse range of food from Italian to […]

Do International Students In Canada Need To File Taxes ?

Disclaimer: I am not an accountant, I am just sharing based on my experience. Read more about my disclaimer here. Canada is very welcoming to international students from all over the world. It is easy as an international to consider […]

Why You Should Travel More With Your Nigerian Passport ? 

  The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in pursuit – unknown  Owning a weak passport like the Nigerian Passport means endless visa applications which costs money and time. The process of visa application is sometimes discouraging […]

10 Gift Ideas For Her

Thinking of what the perfect gift for her – your girlfriend, sister, mother, wife – can be hard to narrow down to what exactly you think she likes. I have narrowed down the best things every woman loves to receive.  […]

I Met Barrack Obama In Halifax, Nova Scotia

  One of the many things I enjoy about living abroad is meeting people I would not necessarily meet if I was residing in my home country, Nigeria. From meeting favourite artistes to world leaders, I had the opportunity to […]

Do I Need A Credit Card?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This post is my opinion based on my experience and observation. For more information, click here. I remember when I first moved to Canada and I spoke to an account manager when trying […]

Why Do Black Girls Wear Wigs?

  Black women are often associated with their nappy curls and it gets confusing to other people why a black woman can rock multiple hairstyles. Sometimes it can lead to people outside your race not being able to identify you […]

The Unspoken Truth About Living Abroad

  “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.” –  Anthony Bourdain. The assumption […]

How To Prepare For Natural Disaster

  I was sitting in my business analytics class when the lecturer began explaining the importance of saving files when using business analytics tools. He went on to talk about the impact the California wildfire had on students at my […]

Navigating Import Duties When It Comes To Shopping Online and Shipping To Canada

  One of the many things I have still not gotten quite used to in settling in Canada is navigating import duties when it comes to shopping online and shipping to Canada. A lot of brands I love such as […]

10 Things That Summarizes My Internship Experience

During the course of my internship, I have been a Digital marketer, Sales Person, IT Specialist, Web Designer, Event Coordinator, Content Creator, Client Specialist and the list could go on and on. With all that being said, here are the 10 things that summarize my internship experience

Guest Feature: Studying in Italy – Olamide

For anyone planning to travel abroad for studies or any other reason, if the course will be taught in English, but English is not the first language in that country, I will advise you go to a language school for at least 3 months.

Renting Your First Home In Canada

  Whether you are moving from your home country to Canada or already living in Canada, house hunting can be a nightmare. I look back on my experience in trying to find a place before arriving in Canada and it […]

Explore Nova Scotia: A Day In Victoria Park, Truro

Victoria Park is a fee-free park that has all the best of nature all in one spot. Its facilities include swimming, hiking trails, waterfalls, Kinsmen playground and much more. The park has a beautiful garden landscape that creates opportunities to create your own activity such as cycling, hiking, sightseeing.

6 Travel Tips For Crossing The US border

Whether you are crossing the Canada/US border or departing from your home country, the passport you hold determines your experience.

How To Increase Your Chances On Getting A US Visit Visa

I hold a Nigerian passport but I have never had the chance to apply for a US visa in my home country. It can be nerve-racking for first-time applicants.

Getting A Coop Job Placement In Canada

  “You do what you can for as long as you can when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing. You back up but you don’t give up” – Chuck Yeager I write this post with the biggest […]

My Roadmap To Finding Work Opportunities In Canada

  As part of my Master’s degree, the expectation of the degree is I get a cooperative education (Internship or work placement as many people know it). This gives students the chance to put into practice all they have learnt […]

Living In The UK : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  Being a Nigerian girl living in Lagos, you hear stories of how unsafe it is to go out and your parents do their best to protect you from all the harms of the world. In doing that, they do […]

Ski Wentworth : 7 Things You Need To Know Before Going On A Ski Trip

  Skiing is not an activity I envisioned seeing myself doing a year ago. I went on a day trip to Ski Wentworth in Nova Scotia, which is about 1 hour 30 minutes away from Halifax. I had a faint […]

10 Random Facts About Canada

  The common thing we all know about Canada is its extreme weather and beautiful sunset. Since moving to Canada I have noticed a lot of random things and I thought I should share the best 10 that you will […]


  I have my third guest feature with the woman behind the black immigrant girl blog. To catch up on previous guest features, click here. She is one of the many people who inspired me to start my blog. She […]


I am starting a series on my blog called fuel your hustle as everyone is looking for ways to have more than one source of income. I chose Desserts Palace to be our first guest because wherever you find yourself […]

Making Friends With International Students

Living in Halifax has been a mind-blowing experience as it is the complete opposite of my experience in England (Nigeria 2.0). One of the many things that have made it completely different is meeting people from different parts of the […]

Explore Halifax: What To Do On A Weekend In Halifax

With ample free time, of course, I take time to explore Halifax.  Exploring Halifax in the winter is a real struggle as all I want to do is keep warm and be cozy. There comes a time where one has […]

Preparing and Arriving In Canada

This post contains affiliate links The excitement of moving to a new country and not being sure of what to expect can be wary. Sometimes asking people who are already in Canada might not be the easiest as you do […]


This is a follow-up to my previous blog post on applying for a Canadian study permit. You can find it here. I dwelled so much on my personal experience in my previous post.  This post will tell you what you […]

10 Things To Do When Spending Christmas Alone

The Christmas holiday can be a drag when you are spending it by yourself. Christmas decorations are up, your favourite stores won’t stop playing Last Christmas by Wham! on a loop. It can get really lonely in a new city where you are […]


There is a common myth that a Canadian student visa is hard to get especially for postgraduate students. I am not sure if I disagree or agree with it. Canada has strict measures in place for those who enter the […]

Securing Masters Admission In Canada

  I sit here reflecting on how this time last year I was getting ready to apply to the school I am currently in. It was definitely a long journey especially finding the course I wanted to do for my […]

GUEST FEATURE : “I have no lump and I am left with the big breast cancer scar”

What an awesome way to end October with my first guest feature with two people. The breast cancer awareness conversation continues with Folake sharing her story. Folake was courageous enough to share her story and it is worth learning from.  Folake […]

They Found A Lump In My Breast

“We tend to consider the unknown a lesser evil than the known.” October is the breast cancer awareness month. What better time to talk about breast cancer and create awareness on it together. We don’t want to deal with the […]


“The Police Is Your Friend” is the slogan you see when you walk into a Nigerian police station. Over and over the police force has proven this to be the opposite. In the last week, I have seen different stories about […]

Life In 3 Cities

It is very easy to compare western worlds together and assume they operate alike. I am proud to tell you they are very much dissimilar. Moving to Halifax I thought simple things like opening a bank account, getting my social […]

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