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The common thing we all know about Canada is its extreme weather and beautiful sunset. Since moving to Canada I have noticed a lot of random things and I thought I should share the best 10 that you will probably not hear about Canada in the news. I hope you enjoy the list I have put together.

1. The sockets have no switch which means seeing that spark or hearing the surge is a norm.

10 Random Facts About Canada_Socket

 2. Only small items or letters that gets delivered to your mailbox. You receive a mail card to pick up your parcel at the nearest Canada post. 


3. The credit card culture – without a credit card you may find yourself stranded at the point of purchase as a debit card will not be accepted. Shopping online is almost impossible without a credit card.

Creditcard_10 Random Facts About Canada

4. Newly built Public Libraries in Canada are built like museums. The Halifax library is the best library I have seen in my entire life. There is a lot that goes on there like cooking classes, filming sessions and the likes.

10 Random Facts About Canada_Halifax library

5. Sales tax is added after you get to the cash register. Some products are exempted from sales tax like sanitary products, basic groceries. Sales tax varies between provinces.


6. Seeing Racoons is a norm- cook something that smells good and they are all up in your window giving you the eye to share your meal with them.


10 Random Facts About CanadaSource: MentalFloss


7. Canada has a scent-free policy in public places and workplaces. You could get kicked out for scented products and perfumes in a scent free environment.


10 Random Facts About Canada Scent free

8. Cars do not have a front license plate number


10 Random Facts About Canada cars

9. Government agencies are the only place you can purchase alcohol and recreational beverages.



10. International Students can get back taxes paid on their tuition fee.


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