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Whether you are visiting or you are coming to study or live in Canada. One thing you have probably heard about Canada is that it is cold and that is not a lie. It is important for you to have all your winter clothing essentials to survive the winter months. Canada has probably the longest winter compared to a lot of countries. In most cases, the Northern part of Canada experiences its first snow from early to mid-October that lasts up until April or May.   

I personally do not think winter is the season to be very fashionable as protecting yourself is way more important than looking on point. In order to master the art of protecting yourself from the cold, you need to know how to layer up properly. My typical layer up is a thermal top and bottom, sweater and a jacket, trouser bottoms. Sometimes tights with winter socks and pair it up with boots.

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I have decided to put a comprehensive list of winter clothing essentials in Canada to protect every part of your body – from your head to your feet. 


What To Wear: Beanie 

Winter Clothing Essentials In Canada

Beanies will protect your head and warm your ears from the brutal winter and possibly frostbite. There are so many places to purchase beanies from both online and in-store. Some of such places include Shein, Dollarama.


What To Wear: Earmuff 


When wearing a jacket to sweatshirts with no hood it can be difficult to keep your ears warm. Earmuffs allow you to protect ears from the cold. This can be found in so many places which includes Shein, Dollarama.


What To Wear: Scarfs, Neckwarmer

Winter Clothing Essentials In Canada

Layering up for the winter requires you to go the extra mile after being dressed up in your winter clothing by using a scarf and neck warmer. It is definitely an accessory that takes a bit of time to get used to. These winter essentials can be purchased from anywhere.


What To Wear: Mittens, Gloves 


The hands are sensitive to cold and it is important you keep them warm by wearing gloves so you can avoid always putting your hands in your jacket/coat.


What To Wear: Coats, Jackets

Winter Clothing Essentials In Canada

This is definitely one of the most important winter essential clothing you need. Before purchasing a jacket, make sure you check what degree of warmth your jacket can provide. Depending on the province you live in, make sure your jacket covers a sufficient temperature rating in your province. Read more about the temperature rating of winter coats. Most winter jackets can be found at Walmart, Sport Chek, Thrift Stores and other Big Retail stores.

Upper body

What To Wear: Sweater, Hoodie,  Turtlenecks, Thermals

Winter Clothing Essentials In Canada

These upper body winter essential outfits will help to keep you warm when you take off your jacket especially if you are indoors. You can find all these items from almost any Canadian retail store. 


What To Wear: Tights, Thermal, Sweatpants, Joggers 

Winter Clothing Essentials In Canada

I find that sweatpants and joggers keep one warmer than wearing jeans in winter. Of course, you can get away with wearing jeans by wearing thermal pants. You can purchase quality sweat pants from Old Navy and Winners. Tights can be worn interchangeably with thermal bottoms but thermals tend to keep you warmer. All of these items are available in almost any retail store that carries a clothing line.


What To Wear: Thick socks, boots

Winter Clothing Essentials In CanadaThere are these popular Softmoc shoes every Canadian own a pair of. You have to ensure your shoes have the proper grip to ensure you do not slip during winter. Ugg is another brand that everyone loves because it provides so much warmth to your feet. Shoes with flat surfaces are not good in brutal snow conditions. Most times, I find it’s from your feet the cold gets into your body. You may be properly dressed from head to your body but once you are wearing the wrong shoes, that’s it. Regular socks won’t cut it for winter, actually buying proper winter socks. 

In all things protect yourself from the brutal weather, take lots of vitamin D tablets and most importantly frostbite is real.


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    October 3, 2020

    Great collection to keep warm and at a reasonable price. Winter, please don’t come 🙂

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