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If there is a province that is on my bucket list to visit, it is definitely Alberta. I have heard so many great things about the province so I decided to get Sarah to share what living in Alberta is like. This post is for students considering to study in Alberta & immigrants moving via the various express entry pathways. There are so many other provinces one can move to such as Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Britsh Columbia, Nunavut.

lake loise

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Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Sarah, an immigrant from Nigeria who lives in Edmonton, Alberta. I write anonymously about life in Alberta on my Instagram page, myalbertacanadajournal

What was your immigration journey to Canada like? 

I immigrated to Canada using the Express entry- Federal Skilled Worker pathway. It was easy to clinch an ITA during my time as the CRS score cut-offs were not as high (CRS cut-off for ITA was 440) as they have been in recent times. The whole process from ITA to PPR took about four months. In retrospect, the process was straightforward and fast. *EE-FSW: Express entry- Federal Skilled Worker, ITA- Invitation to apply, CRS- Comprehensive ranking system, PPR- Passport request*

Why did you choose to move to Canada and settle in Alberta?

I chose Canada because of its quality of life and peace of mind. I decided on Alberta for a variety of reasons, including professional advancement, health insurance, crime rate etc. I shared more about this on my Instagram page.

I have heard so many things about Alberta which include harsh weather, low taxes, family-friendly, As someone who lives there,  what is life In Alberta like? 

Alberta is a nice place to live in, in my opinion. It is landlocked but I am glad there are enough water bodies for someone like me.

Even in the capital, Edmonton, the cost of living is reasonable, public transit is adequate, and the city is not overcrowded. The people are also friendly – I’ve had bus drivers assist me when I’ve been stuck, Someone had picked my wallet and returned it to me at the railway station. Similarly, when I tell folks I’m a newcomer, they’re more receptive towards me. I could go on forever. I could also identify with my Nigerian community, which makes me feel less homesick. At least for me, the weather is bearable. 

Where are the must-see places in Alberta?

Hmm, they are plenty and I like that tourist attractions are scattered across the province. If you want to shop and at the same time have fun either with kids or alone, West Edmonton Mall is for you. It is the 2nd largest mall in North America, so that speaks volumes about the place.

Other must-see places include :

  •  Fort Edmonton Park. 
  • There are also the beautiful mountainous scenic views in Banff, the turquoise picture-perfect place.
  • Lake Louise
  • Calgary Museum
  • Muttart conservatory
  • Edmonton Ice castles
  • Sylvan lake park and garden
  • Waterton lakes National park
  • Elk National park island
  • Ma-me-o Beach

Where are the best places to live in Alberta?

Honestly, this is difficult for me to say because I have only lived in Edmonton and stayed a couple of days in Leduc. Sometimes, I wished I lived in Calgary because of its proximity to places like Banff, Canmore. I like it in Edmonton so far.

How easy is it to secure a full-time job in Alberta? What are the jobs that are in demand in Alberta?

As I’m not a recruiter or a member of a settlement agency, it will be difficult for me to respond to this subject. However, is the best source of such information.

It didn’t take long for me to find my first job. Also, with friends and family, I noticed the same as well.

What do you love the most about Alberta?

Quiet and sense of community.     

What is the least thing you like about Alberta?

It is the public transport system and how passengers often act while commuting. I often see some people keep their feet on their seats even though there is a clear sign telling them not to.

I don’t like the train sitting arrangement (face to face), and I wish they were all facing ahead with more room between them. Trains do not reach all parts of the city, however, this is being addressed. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion on Edmonton.

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