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Studying abroad is more than getting an education in a foreign country. It is opening yourself up to new cultures and experiences. Life is all about creating beautiful memories and looking back in time to appreciate the memories created. This ultimate study abroad bucket list is a guide on how to start going about your study abroad journey and help you figure out how to settle in your new country of residence. I was able to compile the list based on my experiences from schooling in the UK and now Canada. So, I highly recommend you to use it.

Peggys Cove_the ultimate study abroad checklist

Me at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia

I have compiled 30 things that every international student should do during their study abroad : 

     1.   Decorate your room and make it your new home

     2.   Take a picture of all your firsts in your study abroad destination

     3.   Make friends with other international students

     4.   Make friends with the locals

     5.   Go for all the fresher’s parties and events

     6.   Travel to neighbouring cities and countries 

     7.   Take trips with your friends

     8.   Have sleepovers with your friends

     9.   Take advantage of the sport centre

     10. Find new interests outside your course of study

     11. Try the local food

     12. Teach people your language, food and culture

     13. Use the public transport at least once

     14. Explore your city

     15. Create time  to study 

     16. Go for a birthday dinner

    17. Try the local spots

    18. Shop from high street stores

    19. Go for career fairs

    20. Find people from the same country as you

    21. Learn the language of your study abroad destination

    22. Go to all the touristy place in your city

    23. Be spontaneous – say yes to activities you have not tried before

    24. Take advantage of free language and entrepreneurial classes/courses

    25. Live on campus then move off campus

    26. Hangout with your classmates

    27. Volunteer at a charity

    28. Attend your graduation

    29. Take lots of pictures on your graduation with your gown and cap

    30. Have a goodbye party

I have actually done everything on this list except eat the local food. Can you imagine I have never tried the Canadian signature dish, Poutine? I will definitely be doing that soon. I hope this list helps you to kick off the exciting phase of studying abroad. The first few weeks are the hardest but I hope this list makes it a bit easier for you to transition.  Give room to be spontaneous as the list is not rigid. You can look for new things and add them to the list. I have created a free printable version of the bucket list to allow you to place it on your wall and check things off as you do them. Download it below.



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