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15 must have apps for newcomers in Canada

Apps are now so common around the world that newcomers to Canada can easily settle in using them. The majority of these apps will assist you in your daily life once you have settled in Canada. Here are 15 apps that every newbie to Canada should have:


1) Weather App

Canada is a country with harsh weather, and as a newcomer, you should never leave your house without first checking the weather forecast. The sun is beaming one minute and snowing the next.


Transportation App

2) Transit 

You’ll need the transit app to get around Canada (depending on your city). It is extremely beneficial for you to locate the bus routes and closest bus stations in your neighbourhood.


3) Google maps

Google Maps fills a void left by the Transit app. When it comes to using the bus system, I frequently find that Transit and Google Maps provide contradictory information. It’s usually a good idea to double-check that the bus times on both applications are in sync.

If you drive, Google Maps is very useful; you can enter your location and destination address, and it will plan out your complete journey, including departure and arrival times. 


4) Uber

Although a local taxi service is usually available, uber’s convenience is unrivalled. You can choose your destination and lock in that pricing once you’ve set up your credit card on your app. From personal experience, I have noticed Uber’s fare metrics vary from city to city. For example, you can lock in a price in Halifax, Nova Scotia while in a larger city like Montreal. charged based on distance and time.


Finance App

5) Banking apps

In Canada, there are numerous banks; however, my personal faves are EQ and Tangerine. These apps essentially give you access to your money and allow you to perform Interac transactions.

6) Money transfer apps 

There are numerous money transfer apps available for sending money internationally. Lemonade is my personal favourite as it allows you to send money to Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. They provide great rates, which are even better than peer-to-peer transfer.

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Communication apps 

7) Telbo 

Calling abroad with your Canadian line can be very expensive. It’s a voice call that allows you to phone your loved ones even if you don’t have access to the internet. You use calling credit to pay or top up your account.

8) Whatsapp

This app is ideal for communicating with loved ones via text, voice, and video calls. Living abroad may be lonely and tough to navigate, therefore this app will support you in maintaining close contact with your loved ones. It’s ideal for folks who are in a long-distance relationship in Canada.

9) Instagram 

This is a photo-sharing app for discovering amazing places in your province, making new friends, or learning about what’s going on around the world. Of course, your feed is influenced by the people you follow. The explore page, on the other hand, is ideal for finding your interests.


10) Google translate & Duo lingo

Although the majority of Canada speaks English, areas such as Ottawa, New Brunswick, and Quebec speak French. As an English speaker, you’ll want to download one of these apps to help you overcome the language barrier. If you don’t speak English, this is a great opportunity to practise your English or French, depending on where you live in Canada.


Entertainment apps

9) Spotify 

Spotify offers student discounts and a one-month free trial that allows you to listen to music and podcasts without interruption. This is ideal for Android users who want access to unique tracks or podcasts that aren’t available elsewhere. During my internship, listening to the Receipts podcasts was one of my favourite things to do, and this podcast is only available on Spotify.

10) Netflix 

Netflix is a paid subscription service that allows you to view TV shows and movies starring your favourite stars. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get this app on my phone. I downloaded this app at the airport in Montreal since I was in desperate need of entertainment for my return journey. This is great since it helps me to catch up on my favourite show when I’m out and about. 

Career apps

11) Linkedin

I’m often surprised at how many immigrants don’t have a LinkedIn profile. Linkedin is an excellent app for connecting with hiring managers you met at a career fair. It also aids you in your job search across Canada.


12) Indeed

Indeed is a good site to hunt for full-time work as an immigrant in Canada. It can also be used to find co-op and internship job opportunities.


Lifestyle apps

13) Kijiji

This portal allows you to search for everything, including secondhand furniture, rental properties, and so on.


14) Skip the dishes

This is a food delivery service that allows you to order food from your favourite restaurants to your doorstep.

15) Camscanner

This app allows you to scan and share documents such as passports, bank statements, and degree certificates as photos and PDs.


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