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A Travel Guide To Montreal Quebec

A trip to Montreal is undoubtedly one of the city vacations you should include on your bucket list. I enjoyed how the vacation put my French skills to the test. If you’re planning to visit France, this is surely a good rehearsal to practise your french. Montreal is a really lovely city with many beautiful places to visit and make wonderful memories.

My friend and I chose to travel to one of Canada’s largest cities after leaving our little, tranquil town. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is a smaller city than Montreal in the eastern part of the country, hence I was really looking forward to this vacation. If you’re planning a trip to Montreal, this guide will detail the incredible things my friend and I did together. It was just what I needed to clear my mind and get some fresh air.

Best Time To Visit Montreal

Summer, from early June to late September, is the best time to visit Montreal. We went in October, and the weather was unbelievably cool for the season. Before making travel plans to Montreal, I recommend checking the weather forecast.

Where To Stay In Montreal

Montreal is a large city, so you’ll have plenty of hotels and Air BnB options. We chose to stay in a hotel because we discovered that many Air BnB owners speak only French. I used the app to find a place to stay. For easy access to all of the spots mentioned, I recommend staying in downtown Montreal.

Things To Do In Montreal 

We were looking for escapism from our everyday life so we wanted to get up to a lot of fun things. For the majority of the activities we did in Montreal, we purchased a ticket from MLT’s website.


Hop On the Ferris Wheel – La Grande roue de Montréal

It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Canada and is located in Old Port. The view from the carriage as it rose into the sky was stunning. It’s a 20-minute ride that gives you a 360-degree view of Montreal, including the St. Lawrence River and Downtown Montreal. This is something I recommend you do when you visit Montreal.

Ferris Wheel Montreal Le Grande Rue

Make A  Stop at  Notre Dame Basilica

One of Montreal’s most well-known landmarks is Notre Dame Cathedral. We encountered a wait upon arrival and attempted to purchase tickets online on the spot, but they were all sold out. Before flying to Montreal, I recommend purchasing your ticket in advance. I suppose a photo at the Paris Notre Dame replica will suffice!

Notre Dame Basillica Montreal

Visit Oasis Immersion Museum

I am not generally a fan of visiting museums while on vacation, but I was really blown away by the experience here. It’s a 3D art experience that’s complemented with soothing music. You will go through three phases of the immersive experience that the museum has to offer. You get to see 3D art from a variety of artists from across the world.

Oasis Immersion Museum

Get On A Boat Cruise at La Grande Quai Du Port De Montreal

La Grande Quai Du Port De Montreal is the place to go if you want to have brunch on-sea while learning about Quebec’s history. We were fortunate enough to score some last-minute tickets. This cruise appealed to me because it included indoor seating and warmth.

Grand Quai Du Port De Montreal

Boat cruise in Montreal

Challenge Your Mind By Going To Sos Labyrinth

Sos Labyrinth is an indoor maze where you can find hidden treasures. Coming up with ways and attempting to locate the treasures in order to achieve the objectives was fun.

Rent A Quadracycle

We rented a quadricycle to ride about on Old Port and relax while taking in the sights.

Where to Eat In Montreal

Have Lunch at Nandos – La Grillado – Saint Catherine

I was very looking forward to eating at Nandos because we don’t have any in Halifax. The cuisine was excellent and very reasonably priced. It was surprising to me that eating there cost less than $20.

Grab Dinner Jacopo

We ate at an Italian restaurant along the Old Port. It was one of the few eateries that served dinner early. Orecchiette with Rapini e Salsicca was my order. The food was fantastic. The cocktail was a flop, but the restaurant compensated us. If you are looking for cool Instagram, this restaurant is definitely it! – very picturesque

Shopping In Montreal

At Old Port, there are a lot of shops to purchase travel souvenirs. Also, to find the nearest convenience store simply google Coche Tard.

Getting On Public Transport

Taking public transportation in a different city is something I enjoy doing. This is one of the few opportunities to observe a city for what it is. I was delighted to ride the Metro for the first time in Canada. Being on the metro reminded me of my time living in the United Kingdom.

A buidling along Old port Montrreal

Final Words About Montreal 

There is so much to see and do in Montreal that you may need more than a week to see it all. It’s a pretty walkable city with plenty of sights to see. The language was not a barrier in me enjoying the spoils of this city.

I hope you enjoy reading this guide and you find it useful for your trip to Montreal.

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