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With ample free time, of course, I take time to explore Halifax.  Exploring Halifax in the winter is a real struggle as all I want to do is keep warm and be cozy. There comes a time where one has to get up and do which is why I decided to explore Halifax and I got up to do exciting things over the weekend in Halifax.

Friday: Eat & Chill

I kicked off my Friday with meeting my two friends at Studio East Food + Drink. To our amazement, the restaurant was extremely packed. People were waiting for the next available table. We were glad we booked a table in advance. It is not your conventional restaurant, there were lots of chatters, that one could barely hear yourself and who you are conversing with.  The ambience was really nice as it had drawings and funny inscriptions on a long stretch of blackboard around the restaurant. Amongst us, we had Dumpwing as starters and Pork Ramen Bowl, Love the Burger, Studio Ribs as the main meal and cheesecake for dessert.

What to on a weekend in halifax _food

What to on a weekend in halifax _Studio East

The one thing that struck me asides the food was the Nigerian music. I was shocked and excited – Naija to the world. More Nigerian songs kept playing and it was the latest hits like Case by Teni, Wonder woman by Davido. Kiss Daniel, 2face and a few others had their voices echoed through the restaurant and getting a few of us in the room to move our body. I had to ask the waiter who is the DJ and he said he was the DJ. He hooked your girl up with the Nigerian scene in Halifax.

After dinner, I proceeded to go to the cinema to see Bumblebee at Bayers Lake Business Park. Thankfully it was not as busy as the first time I went there. It was an easy breeze through. Transformers is a franchise I stopped watching after Shia Labeouf. I definitely enjoyed this one, Hailee Steinfeld made it worth my while. I give it a solid 7.5/10.

Saturday: Long Lake Provincial Park

The activities for Saturday kicked off with me going to the Long Lake Provincial Park. It is a really beautiful trail park. I kicked off exploring the trail by heading towards the Waterfront and Boat Launch Parking. The ground was slightly wet due to melted ice. I wore the wrong shoes but I really did not want to feel cold. The frozen Lake reminded me of the scene in Game of Thrones  (Season 6 Episode 7) where the white walker stepped on the ice and realised they could walk on it to attack Jon Snow and his crew. I threw a few stones on the frozen lake and the ice was strong enough not to break.

What to on a weekend in halifax _Long Lake Provincial Park

Frozen lake

Long provincial park

Activities ended when a dog came my way and my life flashed before my eyes. The park put up notices everywhere that dogs had to be on a leash. A lot of visitors who came by did not have their dogs on a leash. My response to the dog’s love was fear, please don’t blame me. It is a place worth coming back to in the summer as you can kayak.

I proceeded to end my day by going to the MicMac Mall at Dartmouth. I have been extremely lazy about going as it is in the next city to Halifax. It was supposed to be swimsuit shopping for my friends and I decided to tag along. I thought I was sightseeing but it ended up being about shopping but it was definitely worth it.

Sunday: Ice Skating

My plan for Sunday was going to church and return home to catch up on school work. Welp! I ended up ice skating after church which was a tedious exercise.  As a first timer skater, my muscles suffered as I needed the support to get myself going through Ice rink. My fear of falling made me close to giving up but as soon as I got a hang of it it felt good. I was proud of myself for going through with rink.

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