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New Brunswick is a province in Atlantic Canada that is bilingual constitutionally. It is home to several universities such as the University of Moncton, Mount Allison University and the University of Fredericton. According to World Atlas, New Brunswick is the most visited Atlantic Province. It is popularly known to be home to Fundy National Park, however this one-day itinerary for Moncton, New Brunswick is filled with hands-on outdoorsy type of activities.

This itinerary will be super beneficial if you do not have more than a day to spend and you want to explore it alongside other neighbouring Atlantic provinces – Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI). In order to make the most out of your day trip to Moncton, New Brunswick it is best to start your day as early as possible to enjoy the activities planned.

What to Do In A Day At Moncton, New Brunswick


The day started with us having breakfast at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). The only franchise in Atlantic Canada. It is less than 3 minutes drive to the first stop of the day.

Stop 1 For Moncton Day Trip: Moncton Boardwalk

One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

The first activity of the day started at the Moncton Boardwalk with tokens available for purchase on-site. The Moncton Boardwalk has tonnes of activities to engage in which include Paddleboat, Go Karting, Golf, Batting Cage and Bumper Boats. I had the most fun in the Batting Cage and Paddleboat. One of the great things about this place is parking is free.

One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

Stop 2 For Moncton Day Trip: Magnetic Hill

One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

Took a break from the hands-on activities and decided to try out the scientific activity by visiting the Magnetic Hill. You are required to drive to the bottom of the hill and put your car in neutral and your car goes backwards uphill. You should check out this youtube video for more information.

Stop 3 For Moncton Day Trip: Magic Mountain

One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

After that, we proceeded to Magic Mountain, a family-friendly tourist attraction with 4 different activities to do. I chose to engage in FunZone & Splashzone costing $15 and $25.65 respectively (without tax).  Funzone is an amusement park on a much smaller scale while the splash zone is a water park. There are free life jackets and floaters if needed. Do not fret if you cannot swim, you do not need to know how to swim to enjoy the water park. If you want the double floater, it costs about $10. All tickets for the magic mountains are required to be booked in advance. The tickets are non-refundable and you can only change the date of your tickets for another day no later than the day before the actual date of your ticket.

One Day Itinerary For Moncton, New Brunswick

The highlight of the trip was the splash zone as it was so much fun going through water slide which is absolutely necessary for a very hot day. In order to enjoy the splash zone, you need to spend the whole day literally. However, the line for the water slides was quite long.


To wrap up the day, we had dinner at Saigon Thai Restaurant which is located downtown Moncton. The bamboo ambience with waterfall background sound made the evening perfect as conversation flowed across the table. One of the many things I particularly loved about this restaurant is that the printed menu is put under perspex glass to avoid touching the menu. The day ended with taking the perfect stroll through downtown Moncton.

If you are visiting during this pandemic, be sure to do your travel registration to enable you to cross the New Brunswick Border. Travelling within the Atlantic bubble means you do not have to self isolate.

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