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The journey of preparing to study abroad can be quite challenging especially if you do not know how to go about securing admission and getting a student visa. I have brought Ile-iwe education services here to discuss how to prepare for the study abroad process. This feature covers the countries you should be looking out for, what you need to do to ensure your application is successful and much more. 

Ile iwe education services believe the process of study abroad should begin with a personality test & counselling session. After this session, students pick courses (usually purpose or passion-driven),  then a financial budget discussion, countries of interest, searching for schools, assessment of options, applying to selected schools on time, waiting for a conditional or unconditional offer, fulfilling conditions, applying for a visa and heading to school.

Introduce Ile-iwe Education Services

Ile-iwe provides a hybrid process uniquely designed for Nigerian students to apply to their choice institutions all over the world. We are the Shortest Distance Between You and an Acceptance Letter to your school of choice. Ile-iwe is best known for having the drive to make a difference backed by a think-out-of-the-box mentality; which is embodied by our “Enabling a Learning Generation” motto.
With headquarters in Ikeja – Lagos, Nigeria’s tech hub, and partner offices in Canada, China, India, Turkey, Germany, USA and the United Kingdom, we are positioned globally to serve students better.

Where are the popular destinations for international students? And why are they popular?

International students’ study destinations depend on the sponsor’s goals and financial budget. Most students from Africa seek scholarships with the aim of coming back to improve their home country; others seek a better environment with favourable immigration policies. The popular destinations for most international students are the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Ireland, and USA. These Countries are mostly considered because of the quality of learning, opportunity to work while studying, post-study work permit with a pathway to permanent residency, recognition of certificate awarded globally amongst other benefits

Where are the other places of opportunities that international students are overlooking? 

Other locations students overlook include France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, South Korea, China and Turkey.

The financial responsibility to study abroad is huge, how does someone go about getting scholarship opportunities?

Getting Funding for various schools has varied criteria. Some students can gain access to funding by meeting the academic criteria and applying before the deadline for schools. Other students will need to apply for teaching and Graduate research assistant jobs while applying for their place in a program. Other scholarships are given based on the impact students have in their communities or sustainable development goals; these organizations also demand students to come back to their developing Nation to make a lasting impact.

What are the common mistakes people make when applying to a university?

Common mistakes students make include:

  • Applying to a course without meeting the basic academic requirement.
  • Sending wrong documentation
  • Poor results in standardized tests
  • Submitting only one application
  • Late application for admission or visa
  • Not asking enough questions from study abroad agents.
  • Trusting too many people or agents.

What would you consider the major reason why students do not get admission to universities?

Students may not get admission due to submission of wrong documents, late application, not meeting the academic requirements/standards and unavailable seats in an intake

For those with an admission letter, what would be the most important thing they have to do to facilitate their visa being granted?

Before admission is granted ensure all documents are in order and submit the visa immediately the letter of acceptance is received. In other cases, students need to be prepared for the interview with the visa officer to explain study abroad intentions.

If one’s has been denied the student visa, what would be the first step to take afterwards?

If a student has been denied a visa, the first step is to take careful consideration at the reason why he/she was refused and then make necessary adjustments where need be. In most embassies, there is a process of recalling documents worked on by the visa officer. Afterwards, the student is advised to reapply or not to reapply.

I have had bad experiences with using Study abroad agents, so as many people, what would you say is the reason for this? How can u disclaim this stigma?

Many study agents out there are not honest with their students and some are just about the money, they are not bothered about the outcome of the process. At Ile-iwe education, we are very honest and direct with our students, we tell you all that is involved, whether you are qualified for your preference or not. We give counselling, advisory services and then give the student or parents the time to make their decisions.
If after our session, the students prefer their own initial plan, then we tag the application high-risk and inform them of the likely outcomes. We are result driven and conscious of the picture we portray to prospective students. Our goal is to make our students dream come to reality and this has been our testimony thus far.

Give one advice that would help people in the process of applying abroad.

Students need to understand there are processes to everything and the result is a product of the work done. If you do not have good enough results or a high enough budget, there is more work to be done.

Students should be ready to be heavily involved with the study abroad process with whatever study abroad agency they choose to use.

Students must be open-minded in writing exams. 

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