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What is life like in Quebec

The only region in North America with a native language other than English is Quebec, which is also Canada’s second most populous province after Ontario. There are many English speakers all around you in Quebec’s major towns like Montreal, which have a very European character. All other places communicate French once you leave the Montreal area. Many foreigners who are thinking about migrating to Quebec frequently ponder What Is It Like To Live In Quebec? Well, Let my guest feature tell you all about living in Quebec.


Tell Me A Bit About Yourself

I’m Adeola Shoberu, an international student from Nigeria studying Digital Marketing in Quebec. I’m passionate about Digitalization and an ardent lover of Dogs and I blog on and Instagram @dogworthmontreal, my personal page is @omojadesolas

What Was Your Immigration Journey To Canada Like?

Oh well, my journey was a tedious one and it took me 9 months in total to receive my study permit and it was worth the wait if you’ll ask me again…lol

How Has It Been Since Moving To Quebec As An English Speaker In A French Speaking Region?

Frankly speaking, it could be frustrating initially because you need the language basically for everything around you aside from your school that understands your language of registration.

There are government institutions that help you learn the language, all they want from you is zeal and actual attendance in class, just register in a center close to you and you even get paid to learn the language, yes you heard right. Also , most schools offer international students free French classes because they know it’s the official Language and try to incorporate their students into the system.

What Is It Like Living In Quebec?

Quebec is home to different cultures consisting of international students, french speakers from France, the main Quebecoise, and French-speaking African countries, also refugees from neighbouring countries because of its proximity to the US border, and also a large number of international students, all of mixed age. Ottawa and Toronto are 2 hours and 6 hours away respectively by car from Quebec.

The standard of living is affordable and much cheaper in remote residential areas such as Laval and Kirkland.

Downtown Montreal is a bit pricey because it’s the center of the city and houses a lot of students and other English speakers. Also, Guy Concordia’s main campus and a few colleges such as Dawson, Laselle and Canada colleges are located downtown. In addition, it is the hub for fashion and restaurants whereby their service runs 24/7.

Also, Quebec is family-friendly as the daycare prices are not outrageous compared to other provinces. Transportation is fair and there is always a connecting metro or bus to where you are going so don’t be afraid to wander away, you will always find a bus back home and if you can afford a car, perfect!

There are four Educational systems: Preschool and elementary education, Adult academic, High School and vocational training, College education(pre-university) and university education, depending on your preference,70% basically French schools, about 5% in total are English schools while about 25% are mixed languages,

Where Are The Must-See Places In Quebec?

  • Old Port of Montreal
  • La Rhonde park
  • The Great Mount Royal- here you can see the whole view of the city.
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Oasis Immersion
  • Chinatown in Montreal

Also, it’s always busy in both summer and winter with activities such as Formula 1 racing, Food street festivals and cultural festivals.

Where Are The Best Places To Live In Quebec?

Everywhere is good to live in Quebec really but also depends on your personality, if you like fast access to metros and superstores, downtown and its neighbourhood such as Cote Des Neige is suitable for you but if you don’t mind connecting metro lines to school or work, you can stay in areas like Laval and Longueuil and the like.

How Easy Is It To Find A Job In Quebec Particularly Because Of The Language?

When I got here and was attending interviews, the second question they ask you is what is your level of French, if you say you don’t speak, depending on the interviewer, they are not interested in saying much further.

You have to show you are enthusiastic about learning the language by highlighting you are taking classes to get better. This has to be convincing because it will determine if you get hired or not. Regardless, you need to learn the language if you want a professional career in Quebec – you must be able to speak and write French to an extent.

I see a lot of opportunities in Quebec, and yet speaking French is the cherry on top. The government is constantly updating the rules to ensure that everyone can communicate and understand French, with the exception of those who don’t mind doing jobs where they don’t have to interact with others i.e Warehouse jobs.

What Are The Jobs That Are In Demand In Quebec?

Tech Jobs, Medical field, Customer related jobs and of course food retail and warehouses.

What Do You Love The Most About Quebec?

Quebec is a beautiful and affordable city compared to what I read about other provinces, they have activities for all seasons, and to an extent, the language is sweet to listen to.

What Is The Least Favorite Thing About Quebec?

The language barrier and unpredictable weather. Additionally, Quebec has two different Metro lines and requires different passes namely STM and RTL… For example, Montreal bus passes won’t work for Laval and Longueuil buses and vice versa.

Montreal is more accommodating to English speakers and houses most English speakers in the city. If you’re always looking to learn new things, learning the language is fun and sweet. Even when you struggle to speak it, your friends and coworkers are ready to help you pull through it as long as you’re willing. Learning the language is not to scare anyone, but it is the reality you have to face, especially if you plan to stay behind after your education, so you have to prepare for it.

Tax in Quebec is not for the faint-hearted.

Good luck!

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