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Gift Ideas for her

Thinking of what the perfect gift for her – your girlfriend, sister, mother, wife – can be hard to narrow down to what exactly you think she likes. I have narrowed down the best things every woman loves to receive. 

1. Jewellery 

Gift Ideas for her - Jewelry

You can’t go wrong by buying a piece of jewelry for her. From earrings to a necklace to bracelets, women love to be adorned. FOI Jewelry is absolutely stunning with its amazing and quality jewelry statement pieces. I received a package from them this year and the quality of the earring is amazing. One of the best things about how it came was the bag was stapled, it gave me the assurance that the earrings hasn’t been worn by anyone until I opened it. You can get them for as low as 2000 naira.

2. Bag & Accesories

Bags and accessories are items that can transform a basic outfit to a damn!! outfit in no second. A woman can’t look glam and all dressy every day but by gifting her the right accessories ( brooches, sunglasses, scarves) you can never go wrong with that been paired with a nice bag. 

3. Shoes

Shoes complete an outfit and say a lot about the person wearing them. Women love glam and at the same time, we love comfort. Women want everyday casual shoes that can be used for being out and about as well. Causal shoe ideas will be sneakers, sandals, flipflops and flat shoes.

4. Clothes  

Gift ideas for her - clothes

Can a woman have too many clothes? Err I don’t think so. There are 365 days in a year and a woman needs one outfit for each day. I guess that is a bit of an exaggeration but you get the drift. In a place like Canada, you need clothes for every season. If you are tired of fast fashion not offering you unique outfits, fittings by O.R.A got you. For whatever style you need for whatever season just simply state it and they deliver. Fittings by O.R.A ships internationally. I received 3 outfits from them this summer. Out of all three, this skirt right here is my fav. I truly can’t wait for summer to return and rock this piece.

5. Beauty product

Gift Ideas for her - beauty products

I do not think there is anything such as too many beauty products. From foundation to eyeshadow palettes to setting spray, makeup brushes, the list is endless when it comes to beauty products. Just be sure if you are purchasing her a foundation or concealer you know her colour. If you want to play it safe, you can get her this Sephora Favourites collection that has Set and dry powder from Becca, Blush from Nars, Lip Balm from Tarte, primer from Smashbox, Highlighter from Milk and Face Base from Bobbi Brown. The great thing about this is that they all travel size. The easiest way to know what beauty products your woman needs is by finding out what beauty product she’s running out of. 

6. Body care 

A woman’s body is her treasure and it has to be looked after. From face care to skincare to foot care. Her body is to be pampered and looked after.  The one product I use for my face regularly has to be this Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash from The Body Shop, I believe this is every girl go-to product.  I use a tonne of products for skincare, mostly from Bath and Bodyworks. They have amazing products especially when it comes to the scents.

7. Customized gifts 

The effect of this was specially made for me cannot be overlooked. In developed societies where everyone can own the same item. Customized item is a show of you are different and only you should have this item. Shutterfly is an amazing app to create customized gifts like mugs photo frames, throw pillows and much more. 

8. Pastry

Gift Ideas for her - cake

The way to a woman’s heart is a good pastry. Yum and lush desserts. For my Nigerian followers, Desserts Palace offers a wide range of cake choices. There’s no better way to celebrate her than filling her stomach with yummy desserts. 

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9. Books

Book brings knowledge and broadens your mind and vocabulary. One of the best books I read this year is Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie. Whatever book you get will definitely pique her interest. She will be curious to know the reason why you purchased the book. A good way to put the information you want her to find out.

10. Gift cards

If you have gone through this entire list and you are still not sure what to get her or you want to play it safe, gift cards to her favourite store is everything. You can never go wrong with gift cards. The best thing about Gift cards here in Canada is when you pay for an item with a gift card you don’t pay sales tax.

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