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lessons from the coronavirus crisis

The global pandemic, Coronavirus resulted in everyone forced to stay home while schools, shops and businesses had to shut down indefinitely. With most parts of the world reopening gradually, it felt right to reflect on life lessons I have learnt from the coronavirus crisis. Here are the 10 lessons learnt from the coronavirus crisis :

 Lesson 1: Digital transformation is inevitable

The most obvious is coronavirus has sped up digital transformation in the workplace and in our everyday lives. Stores, Schools and Businesses had to embrace technology to avoid in-person contact while adjusting to the new normal. For instance, stores that had not embraced self check out had to speed up the process. All businesses that thought working from home is impossible were forced to make it possible. The biggest takeaway from this digital transformation is that E-commerce is going to explode in the coming years and online university may eventually become a thing.

Lesson 2: The healthcare system is truly broken

Countries had to engage in tactics to ensure that the health care system is not overwhelmed with patients. The only way a lot of countries could manage coronavirus from spreading is by enforcing a complete shutdown. There are so many complaints from health workers on social media about the state of the hospital when it comes to the treatment of coronavirus. A lot of hospitals ran out of test kits, ventilators and other intensive care necessities that hindered lives from being saved.

Lesson 3: Save, save & save

This pandemic has taught everyone that you need to put money aside for unforeseen circumstances. If you did not know this before, this reinforces that. A lot of job cuts happened during the pandemic because businesses could not afford to keep their staff on. Thankfully the stimulus package helped people to stay afloat during this tough time.

Lesson 4: Importance of planning ahead

Your personal goals and plans for 2020 may not come to fruition, however, your business plan can if you have one. If there is a company any business should emulate right now, it is Netflix. I am in awe of how they have released back to back movie content despite the pandemic. Netflix has released over 100  movie content since the lockdown in March because more people are watching from streaming services compared to Cable TV. I can imagine how boring the world would have been with not being able to go outside and Netflix not releasing new movies. Some Netflix content I have enjoyed are Blood & Water, Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich, Sugar Rush, Knock Down The House, On Becoming, Desperado and much more.

Lesson 5: The best investment you can make is in yourself

The stock market experienced a downturn and the unemployment rate went up. This is a reminder that the best investment you can make is in yourself. Investing yourself can mean learning new things, starting a business, or pursuing your passion.

Lesson 6: People can be selfless

During the pandemic, we saw the whole world stand together in solidarity to fight against racism and police brutality. People put themselves at risk to support the Black Lives Matter Movement.  Recently, I experienced this in my everyday life as well once the lockdown was eased. I needed to take a picture of myself and a woman offered to take a picture for me. I was more worried that she wasn’t worried that we were in close proximity.

Lesson 7: This is the best time to build your digital business

People are spending time online watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts and surfing the web more than ever. Engaging with content such as owned media helps with marketing while educating and entertaining us. All of this translates to people who have personal brands and businesses are making money by people engaging with their content. This makes it the perfect time to be more aggressive in building your digital business.

Lesson 8: We can save the planet

The response to Coronavirus forced everyone to stay home thereby reducing the carbon emission that comes from cars, factories, aeroplanes etc. This goes to show that we can protect our environment if we put measures in place to reduce our carbon footprint. Climate change is real and we have the power to change things for the good of our health and planet.

Lesson 9: Essential co-workers are the ones we cannot live without

Essential workers are the ones who kept families together and providing them with all they need. Workers at the grocery stores need to be paid more for the services they provide. It should be a job of prestige and no longer be a minimum wage job.

Lesson 10:  Adaptability

Amidst it all, we are all able to make the most of the pandemic by adapting and creating our fun. Social distancing initially proved difficult for everyone but with time we were all a bit to adapt. It is only a reminder that change is the only constant thing.


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