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Tips For Taking Online Class

It is certain that most universities will continue their online classes in the fall as the world is still dealing with the global pandemic, coronavirus. With that said, students who are either new or returning will have to anticipate online classes for the fall semester. Working smartly is the key to achieving success in online learning.  Online learning requires good time management and study practise so that one can be successful and achieve good grades. I’ve put together 6 tips to make sure you ‘re successful in taking online classes:

1.  Start Your Day By Showering First

It is important to start your day right by showering and dressing up increases your energy level. This, in turn, results in a productive day compared to working in your pyjamas.  

2. Take Fewer Courses

Studying online can be tiresome and it is important to take minimal courses to manage the workload. I would not advise you to take more than 4 courses in a semester so you can manage your time while trying to successfully navigate studying online.

3.  Create Your Ideal Study Environment

The ideal study environment requires you to invest in a good table, chair and internet. Poor internet can easily be one of the most frustrating parts that can hinder successful online learning. You need to create space in your home to set up your desk and chair to help with your productivity. Good furniture can be purchased at the local store which includes Ikea, Walmart and Wayfair.

4.  Take Notes

Lecturers often do not include all the information they discuss in class in their lecture slides so be sure to take notes. Notes help you capture the most important points If you are one who does not like taking notes, ask for permission if you can record your professor’s online class session. Recently, I found out about this cool feature that google docs have, so you can do a covert speech to text. This can be done by going to Tools on the menu bar and then voice typing. Of course, it means you have to proofread what is being transcribed.

5. Take Breaks

Taking breaks is an essential part of online learning. Long class sessions often lead to digital fatigue and dry eyes. Also, staying online with no in-person interaction can be boring, particularly when you’ve got back to back classes. It is therefore important to take breaks in between and indulge in healthy snacks.

6. Engage In Offline Study Tactics 

It is important to manage your time while studying online to ensure you can work on class deliverables. Being able to submit class deliverables requires studying offline to ensure you put in the best work. It is during the offline study you have time to go over the notes you made in class as well as the lecture notes. This is the reason why it is important to not take too many classes so you have time for offline study. Efficient ways to plan for the offline study are through the use of calendars and To-do lists.

Tips For Taking Online Class

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