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Canada is now a popular destination for international students for so many reasons. It offers world-class education to international students and also the opportunity to work and remain in the country after completing their program. This post includes a step by step process on how to apply for university in Canada for international students.

To become an international student in Canada, you need to carry out the following steps : 


Step 1: Find A School That Offers The Course You Are Interested In. 

Go on Google or any other search engine and search for the course you are interested in. For instance, if you are looking for universities offering a master’s program in business administration. Simply go on google,  type on google search masters of business administration in Canada and you will get tons of results for schools offering business administration.


Step 2:  Narrow Down Your Choices From The Results Using Your Criteria

You narrow down your options using various criteria such as cost, location,  requirements, length of the study program and so much more.


Step 3: Apply To The School(s) You Have Chosen

It is important to apply only to schools you meet the requirements. Alongside your application send all the documents requested for such as a transcript, statement of purpose, GRE result and so on. Check my post on securing master’s admission here.

Do not just apply to one school or only schools in big and popular cities. There is usually more competition in big cities/provinces, you should consider smaller cities/provinces. For instance, the University of  Saskatchewan has lots of funding opportunities and cheaper tuition compared to other institutions in Canada.

If your university application is denied, it could be for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons may include:

  • Competition
  • Statement of purpose didn’t contain enough information.
  • Limited space


Step 4: While Waiting For A Response From The University, Gather Your Documents For Study Permit. 

There are so many documents needed for your study permit application. Some of the documentation include a police report, letter of explanation and passport photograph. I have 2 blog posts on this, read here and here that contain all the details about all you need to apply for a study permit in Canada. Be sure you also check the IRCC website as immigration related processes change from time to time.


Step 5: Apply For Study Permit Once You Have Received Your Admission

With all the documents gathered in Step 4 alongside a filled study permit form submit your application either online or in person. In addition to your application, you may be required to do biometrics and medicals depending on the country you are from.


Step 6: Once You Receive Your Study Permit, You Are Off To Canada

Make travel and accommodation plans. You should purchase your flight tickets directly from the airline.

If your study permit is denied, go back and assess why your application is denied. Defer your admission first, then correct the reason for your denial of the study permit and reapply.


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