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British Columbia, also known as BC, is one of Canada’s most desirable provinces to live in. To get a closer look into life in British Columbia, I have a guest feature that will tell you everything you need to know about what is life like living in British Columbia. This post covers the numerous cities in the province to settle in, the must-see places, the sought-after jobs in the province and much more.

Tell me a bit about yourself 

I’m Chimma, a freelance writer for hire and my niche is Canada Immigration and Settlement. I write blog posts, social media content, LinkedIn content, EBook, Lead Magnet, Statement of Purpose for scholarship/study, Canadian style resume and cover letter.  More information is available at

Also, I run @bc_settlement on Instagram providing information and settlement services for newcomers to British Columbia, Canada.


What was your immigration journey to Canada like?

I came to Canada via the Express Entry Federal Skilled Workers Program in 2019.

Why did you choose British Columbia?

I chose to live in British Columbia because it has the warmest weather in Canada and there are job opportunities in my field.

Life in BC is still pretty much the same as life currently except for the pandemic, beautiful scenery, close to nature, lots of outdoor activities, friendly people and lots more.

I have heard so many things about British Columbia, including it has the best weather all year round in Canada. As someone who lives there,  what is life In British Columbia like? 

BC has the best weather in Canada all year round. It is worthy to mention that it rains in BC more than it does in other provinces. The rain is more during the winter season as there are lesser snowfalls. 

If you love adventure, nature and outdoor, BC is the place to be. There are lots of parks, trails, camping grounds, mountains for hiking, lakes etc. BC has activities for every season – Spring, Winter, Summer, Fall. There is never a dull moment.

There are over 5million people in BC with 2/3 living in the lower mainland. The standard of living in BC is slightly higher than the other provinces due to the cost of rent/mortgage but this is negated by the minimum wage and higher salaries/wages.

There are lots of good schools with great reviews from kindergarten to post-secondary. It is a bit difficult to get a spot in daycare if you don’t send in an applicable well ahead of time.

Transportation in BC is made easy by the existence of Sky Trains which are fast, regular and affordable in major cities in the lower mainland. For ease of movement, it is recommended to own a car as the bus transit is not so good in cities further away from Vancouver.

Overall, BC is a great province and we have no regrets about moving here.

What Is Life Like In British ColumbiaWhere are the must-see places in British Columbia?

The good thing about BC is that there is a tourist attraction in almost every city. My favourite must-see places in BC are:

  • Fort Langley National Historic Site
  • Whistler Peak 2 Peak Gondola
  • White Rock Beach
  • Stanley Park in Vancouver
  • Yoho National Park
  • Butchart Gardens
  • Mount Revelstoke National Park
  • The Greater Vancouver Zoo

Where are the best places to live in British Columbia?

It depends on why you are moving to BC and how much you can afford. Popular places to live in BC are :

  • Burnaby
  • Surrey
  • Abbotsford
  • Kelowna
  • Victoria
  • Nanaimo
  • Kamloops
  • Langley

How easy is it to secure a full-time job in British Columbia? What are the jobs that are in demand in British Columbia?

Getting a job in Canada depends on your profession and experience. It also varies according to the individual because so many factors control the ease/success of securing a job such as quality of your resume/cover letter/application, interview skills, certifications etc.

There are both service-based and product-based industries in BC. Lucrative sectors include Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Information Technology among others.

The best way to find out if your occupation is in demand is to search for your preferred jobs using job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc.


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What do you love the most about British Columbia?

The weather, the people, and the plethora of outdoor activities all year round.


What is the least thing you like about British Columbia?

Mortgage/rent is expensive in comparison to other provinces other than Ontario.


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