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Birth tourism is one of the more affordable ways to get your child a second passport. This is when a child is born in a country other than their parents’ country of origin or residence with the sole purpose of automatically becoming a citizen.  In most countries including the US  children of diplomats do not qualify for birthright citizenship.

Birthright citizenship, also known as Jus soli, is easily attainable by travelling to a nation where you can obtain a visa on arrival or travel to a country you already have a visa. It may also be beneficial to apply for a temporary residency permit, such as a study visa. Birthright citizenship is restricted in some countries, such as Australia, the UK, and Germany, where at least one parent must be a citizen or a permanent resident.

Jus Soli

If birth tourism is something you will like to consider, the moment you find out you are pregnant you need to decide the following ;

  • Where do you want to have your baby?
  • What can you afford?
  • What is the healthcare system like?
  • How soon do you need to travel in order to give birth?
  • Where will you stay leading to the birth & post birth?
  • How long will it take for the child’s passport to be out?

As of writing this, no European country grants birthright citizenship, however many countries in North & South America recognize citizenship by birth. Here are the countries to consider :

Jus Soli in North America

In North America, all 3 countries – America, Canada & Mexico grant birthright citizenship.


One of the many reasons why America is rated as one of the best countries to give birth in is that it has one of the strongest passports in the world. The nice thing about jus soli in America is that the child can apply for both parents’ permanent residency once they turn 21. It is crucial to highlight that America has the most expensive medical coverage among the countries on this list of birth tourism destinations. You might wonder how much it costs to give birth in America.  The answer depends on your insurance, but as a foreigner, plan on at least $20,000 in coverage.


Mexico doesn’t have enough of a reputation for having strong passports but you will be surprised to know that you can travel up to 119 countries visa-free. It is a destination worth considering for birth tourism as a passport will be issued to every kid born in Mexico either on land or at sea. Parents and grandparents can apply for permanent residence once the child has lived in Mexico for two years. You can always search for organizations that provide these services to lessen the hardship of giving birth abroad.


Canada’s passport is the fourth most useful in the world, providing access to about 172 nations. Giving birth in Canada provides an excellent opportunity for parents or other family members to apply for permanent residency through the child. International students, workers, and visitors who are temporarily residing in Canada can gain from Jus soli.  The cost of having a baby in Canada is affordable in comparison to America.

Jus Soli in South America


Any child born in Argentina can claim birthright citizenship. It is the 2nd most powerful passport in Latin America and the cost of giving birth in Argentina can range from $111 to $1000 based on the type of delivery. This is a cheaper alternative to giving birth in either US or Canada.


Panama is another country that grants citizenship at birth; after five years, both parents may apply for permanent residence through the child. Passport holders are eligible for visa-free travel to 140 countries.


Brazil is a great country to consider for birth tourism at an affordable cost. In addition, the child’s parents and siblings can apply for permanent residency there regardless of where they are from. Passport holders are entitled to access healthcare and visa-free travel to 171 countries. Florianopolis is a popular city in Brazil to have your baby


If you wish your child to get a second passport, you should consider Paraguay with access to 142 visa-free countries and free public education for its citizens.

How to obtain a passport for your child via Jus soli

Once you have given birth to your child in your preferred country where Jus soli is applicable, the next steps would be :

  1. Apply for the child’s birth certificate
  2. Once you receive the birth certificate, you can apply for your child’s passport.

Getting a second passport is one of the best gifts you can ever give your child, it opens their life to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.

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