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Visa Approval

This is a follow-up to my previous blog post on applying for a Canadian study permit. You can find it here. I dwelled so much on my personal experience in my previous post.  This post will tell you what you actually need for a Canadian study permit. Students who are applying for a study permit may need a visa alongside it depending on where they are from. First-time applicants will get both if a visit visa is required to enter Canada for the passport you hold.

The Canadian collection centre is different from all other visa centres I have been to. The difference is the Canadian centre only ensures your visa form is filled correctly and asks you to submit whatever supporting document you want with your application. They won’t check if you put your bank statement or any other supporting document.  It is really up to you to make sure you include all you need for your application. The requirements for applying for a study permit can also be found on the CIGC website.

It is from the requirements I was able to draw out what the student and sponsor needs, which are stated below.

Requirements For Sponsor

  1. Sworn affidavit of Legitimacy and affirmation
  2. Sworn Affidavit of Sponsorship
  3. Consent letter signed by both Parent (if you are underage)
  4. International Passport data page of both parent and siblings including siblings birth certificates.
  5. Photocopy of all Visa Page of both parent and siblings to show a record of travel history.
  6. Letter of Introduction from Sponsors Office stating his position, how long the sponsor has been with them and an annual income etc
  7. Pay Slips and Bank Statement that shows salary and any other bank statement you want to include
  8. Id card from the office.
  9. Tax Certificate or tax id
  10. Investments eg Fixed Deposit Advice, Treasury Bill Certificate etc
  11. Landed documents

Requirements For Student

  1. Original International Passport
  2. Visa Form
  3. White background Passport photograph
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Medical Test Result (appointment has to be booked in advance)
  6. Police Character
  7. All Educational Transcripts and Certificates
  8. Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose
  9. Visa fee

Check out Isunu’s post on black immigrant girl’s blog about her application process.

My Personal Tips On Securing Your Visa

  • In my opinion, do your medicals before the embassy requests for it. Waiting for the embassy to reach out to you first,  delays your application as they would put your application aside till they receive your medicals. The embassy requesting you to do medicals is no guarantee you will be granted your study permit.
  • Your undergraduate degree, work experience and your intending master’s course of study should have a relationship i.e having a BSc in Biochemistry, work experience in banking and deciding to study cybersecurity for a postgraduate level is grounds for denial of visa.
  • Travel history is important for a postgraduate student.
  • Ensure your passport would not expire before the end of the duration of your course because you will need to reapply for your visa in the new passport.
  • Whatever document you think can include to support your application, include it.
  • The laws in Quebec are different from other provinces in Canada. Get yourself informed on what you need to know if you will be schooling in Quebec.
  • Use prayer to support your application

My personal tips are helpful to those who are from Nigeria or any other African country.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing what worked for me as people may have different experiences.


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