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breast cancer

“We tend to consider the unknown a lesser evil than the known.”

October is the breast cancer awareness month. What better time to talk about breast cancer and create awareness on it together. We don’t want to deal with the uncertainties of life because we feel we deserve more than enough time but you have to remember sometimes life just happens.  

“They found a lump in my breast” was what she said to me over the phone. All I wondered was how would my perfectly healthy looking friend say that. She followed up the conversation with “I have done the surgery and I am under observation”. I was still trying to get past her first sentence when she hit me with the second sentence. Words could not describe the sadness the news brought.

It was just a normal day at work and the office decided on medical check-up for all the staff. It got to her turn and after a series of body examination, the doctor told her about the discovery. They advised that it might be benign and there might be really nothing to worry about. However, she was advised to do the surgery as soon as possible.

On telling her family this news, preparations to get the best medical care out of the country was the next step. She was able to consult a few medical practitioners who advised the surgery did not warrant leaving the country. Her family was still trying to get around the fact she would be having the surgery soon. Unknowingly, it was sooner than they expected.

She was all laid down in the theatre and yet to feel the anaesthesia while the nurse and doctor start to converse with her to get her mind off what was about to happen. She was so focused on knowing what was going on and the surgeon requested for more dose of anaesthesia. There is something about anaesthesia that can make one feel dauntless.

I am no doctor so I cannot advise on what steps you should take when you notice something different happening with your body. I can only recommend you go to the hospital when you notice and feel something is wrong. You may not be sick for years but how often do you go for a medical check-up?

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  • Fola

    October 19, 2018

    I was doing my medical routine into a new university at 17 when the doctor told me in the most polite way that she thinks i have a lump in my breast. I didn’t tell anyone until i started to feel pain about one year later. Told my mama( nurse) and we went to the hospital, it was confirmed. However, the doctor said i should give it six months cos as a teenager, it usually disappears.
    I also did not want any surgery so i was happy. The pain unfortunately persisted and i went back to the hospital, did mammogram and all that stuff and found out the lumps were two.
    Got booked in for surgery and it was painless (shocking).
    My breast wound got infected (trust Nigerian hospitals and their equipment to try to kill you). I was scared for my life. My wound wasn’t healing, doctor was suggesting another stitching. Ugh. Anyway, it took longer than it was expected but it healed without a second stitch.
    My lumps were benign (non cancerous) and here i am with no lump and a big breast scar.
    It is important to pay attention to ones body especially as women. Nothing to be scared about if you feel a lump. Don’t delay and go to the hospital.

    Great read girl!

  • Bukola

    October 20, 2018

    You definitely got me! I thought this was you for a second! ??
    Nice one ????
    Short and straight to the point ????

  • Aduragbemi

    October 21, 2018

    Hmmm…. Yeah you’re right. I sincerely can’t recall the last time I had a medical check up. I just never create time for it in my schedules but I should really schedule one this year. Thanks Tolu.

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