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10 things to do during quarantine

The lockdown has brought about people disconnecting from the world physically and connecting virtually.  Till further notice, we are stuck indoors with little or no human contact.  The focus during this pandemic has been so much on what we cannot do but instead, it will be great to focus on what we can do to make the most out of the quarantine. I have compiled a list of 10 things you can do during quarantine:

1) Binge-watch all your favourite shows 

It is a time to catch up on your favourite shows,  better still rewatch some of your fave classics. You can also take it a bit further by hosting viewing parties on Netflix with friends and family across the world to watch your favourite shows.  Here are a few favourites that I have watched recently on Netflix – Crash Landing On You, Kim’s Convenience and Madea Family reunion.

2) Read books

10 things to do in quarantine

Read old books sitting on your shelf that you have not had time to read again or purchase new books that have been on your radar. Whatever genre of book you settle for, it is important to remember that it will help to keep your mind active while broadening your vocabulary.

3) Look at old pictures

Old pictures allow me to reminisce about life pre-pandemic and a  reminder that this will be over soon.  Right now I wish I was back home in Nigeria to look at old photo albums I haven’t looked at in a while. However, I have tonnes of pictures to look at from my hard drive and computer. I have recently had to look at pictures from last year when I went to Victoria Park, Truro , Wentworth for skiing and restaurant hopping in Halifax.

4) Learn a new recipe

Learn a receipe _10 Things To During Quarantine

Recent news show flour is now scarce in Canada as people are spending more time cooking and bonding with their family. Cooking and eating are ranked high as one of the coping mechanisms during this quarantine. It is a great time to learn recipes you love to enjoy at your favourite restaurants as well as expand your palate. 

5) Develop Yourself

It is time to invest in your skills, talents and whatever interests you by nurturing them. Experts in different fields are hosting virtual master class and online platforms such as Coursera, Udemy have free online courses to help develop yourself in whatever field that piques your interests.

6) Take a walk or exercise

Take a walk 10 Things To During Quarantine

It’s easy to stay indoors all week without having to step outside, however, it is a perfect time to exercise and go for long walks. It provides the opportunity for your lungs to receive fresh air and expose your skin to sunlight to obtain some vitamins.

7) Catch up with family & friends

This is the best time to connect with friends and family now more than ever to know how they are doing. The lockdown has eradicated the daily chaos that comes with getting ready for each day and presenting more opportunities to connect with loved ones over the phone.

8) Hop on any challenge trending on Instagram, TikTok and have fun

Screenshots of various challenges on Instagram.

There are numerous challenges on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok. So far there has been Toosie slide, Flip the switch, don’t rush, Pillow challenge and I have enjoyed watching them as I found them really entertaining. Also, tonnes of people are going on Instagram live and hosting virtual hangouts so find what you enjoy and indulge.

9) Self-care and Pamper Yourself 

Bring your spa to your home and pamper yourself in whatever way that pleases you by indulging in self-care routine such as washing your hair, taking a bath, putting on some face mask, meditating and so on. It is the perfect way to feel zen either at the beginning or end of the day. The plus side to this is it keeps you busy for a couple of hours. 

10) Reflect & Journal

10 things to do in quarantine

In this time of uncertainty,  it is an opportunity to sit down, quiet your mind and journal. A time to plan and prepare for the big goal ahead. It is a perfect opportunity to spend some alone time with yourself and your thoughts.

Bonus: Play board games

Board games are easily one of the easiest things to get you off the internet and stimulate your mind. Such games include Jenga, Scrabble, Ludo which can be purchased at any local store or Amazon.

At the end of this pandemic, it is important we become the best version of ourselves by taking care of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.


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