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The long-awaited summer is here and a day trip to Victoria Park was the best thing to do to enjoy the over 26-degree weather. Victoria Park is in Truro which is about one hour drive away from Halifax. On arriving, all I could see Victoria park as is the grande replica of the Sequoia National Park in California.

Victoria Park is a fee-free park that has all the best of nature all in one spot. Its facilities include swimming, hiking trails, waterfalls, Kinsmen playground and much more. The park has a beautiful garden landscape that creates opportunities to create your own activity such as cycling, hiking, sightseeing. It is definitely a good first date spot if you are looking to ditch the traditional wining and dining date ideas. It is also perfect for family day as there is a playground, tennis court and swimming pool to engage your kids. 

victoria park_unravelwithtolu-kinsmenplayground

The park has beautiful landmark points like the 5 corners where 5 roads meet linking to different trail routes. The Lepper Brooke has 2 waterfalls – Joseph Howe & Wadell Fell. The Holy Well is a dome-shaped architecture with the hilltop view facing it. 

victoria park_unravelwithtolu_direction

On the way to the waterfall, we encountered the Jacob ladder, definitely over 100 flight of stairs with 2 different resting areas. A good exercise to build your calves. Just don’t look down on descending the stairs.

victoria park_unravelwithtolu_jladder

My friends and I spent over 2 hours of hiking and we didn’t know how much time had past. At the end of the day, all my body fat were completely burnt out with having taking over 10,000 steps and possibly climbing 18 floors of stairs. Definitely good exercise. I can’t wait to come back and explore Victoria Park in more depth.

If you are like me who is afraid of animals, there is nothing to be afraid of as everyone kept their dogs on a leash.

Just enjoy the beautiful pictures from Victoria Park in Truro. Read my other posts on what to do in Nova Scotia.

victoria park_unravelwithtolu_dome


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