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Should I come to Canada as a Student or Permanent Residency

Many people from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Australia, are packing their belongings and relocating to Canada, whether as a foreign student or Permanent Resident (PR). Canada has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for immigrants because of its diversity, employment opportunities, and relatively clear pathways to permanent residency and citizenship. Many people are unsure whether to come to Canada as a student or as a permanent resident, and this post will guide you on which pathway to choose.

To make a choice between the study and PR pathways, you should take the following factors into account:

  1. Assess your eligibility for different PR pathways.
  2. Evaluate whether you can afford to move to Canada as a student or PR.
  3. Consider the challenges and obstacles you might encounter along each pathway.

Thoroughly answering these questions will help you determine the most suitable pathway for your situation.

In my personal opinion, if you are eligible for any PR pathway, you should come to Canada as a PR. The reason is that whether you opt for the student or PR route, the ultimate goal is typically permanent residency in Canada. It’s important to note that the study pathway offers temporary status, which means you will face certain hurdles to attain permanent residency.

Here are some reasons for choosing Canada as a PR:

  1. It is more cost-effective to come to Canada as a PR compared to an international student.
  2. The path to Canadian citizenship begins sooner for PR applicants than for international students.
  3. You have the freedom to select the province you want to live in unless you are pursuing a specific provincial immigration route.
  4. PR applicants typically need to show less proof of funds compared to students.
  5. As a PR, you immediately qualify for various government services, including healthcare, which may not be available to international students, depending on the province.
  6. You have unrestricted working hours.
  7. If you decide to attend school, you pay domestic student fees.

Coming to Canada as an international student is an excellent opportunity for several reasons:

  1. Exposure to the school environment provides insights about Canada that you might not gain even as a PR.
  2. Enrolling in a co-op program allows for a smoother transition into the Canadian system and work environment.
  3. You can establish valuable relationships with fellow students and instructors that will aid your adjustment to life in Canada.
  4. Depending on PR processing times, the student pathway can be a quicker route.
  5. You may become eligible for various PR pathways, including the Canada Experience Class.

If you are contemplating studying in Canada, you should start one year ahead of your desired start date.

I hope this provides clarity on whether you should choose to come to Canada as a student or a permanent resident.

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