>  Study Permit Letter

Oluwaseun Gbolagunte

123 Dennis Road,





30th December 2022

The Visa Officer,

High Commission of Canada,

4, Anifowose Street, Victoria Island,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Sir/Madam,


My name  is Oluwaseun Gbolagunte and I wish to apply for a study permit to  Canada in order to pursue a Masters in Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. My student ID number is 0123456789

Academic background and Reasons for my choice of Program 

While growing up, I have always been passionate about the engineering of things. With a curiosity for knowledge, I have always excelled in my Academics. I completed my undergraduate finishing with a Second class upper  from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at  Babcock University, Nigeria.

Sequel to my graduation, I worked as a mechanical engineer for 3.5 years across multiple industries. I  have also established a business  SennyWears (See Business Registration Document Attached) since the year 2012. During this period I have noticed a need to advance my knowledge, hence my desire to pursue and M.Eng Degree.

Reasons for the choice of the Course of study in the University of Calgary 

For several years, Nigeria’s has been majorly oil reliant, however, due to global progression towards  cleaner fuels, it has become imperative to increase productivity in the Nigerian manufacturing sector.  More recently, the Nigerian government has encouraged more “made-in-Nigeria-Products” and this  has seen the manufacturing sector contributing about 10% to the Country’s Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) over the last 4 years. While I completed my undergraduate degree in Nigeria, its educational  sector remains limited in terms of technological advancement and latest resources.

The M.Eng. Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering at Dalhousie University offers a nice blend  of Modelling, Manufacturing Optimization Techniques and Pipeline Engineering. Therefore, I intend  to deploy the advanced knowledge and exposure to latest technologies from the M.Eng program to  propel my career forward in my home country. When I return, I can easily reference things learned  during my postgraduate studies, compared with experience gathered while working in Nigeria. This  will vastly improve my skill set, employability and professional credibility.

The M.Eng degree also applies to my business of clothing and textiles. I will apply manufacturing  optimization techniques learned, towards minimizing cost and improving production efficiency

Proof of Fulfillment of Financial Requirements 

My sponsor is my Mentor, in person of Oladare Jacobs . He has remained very close to my  family and has supported my education and dreams for many years. My parents have given their  blessings towards my pursuit of knowledge. My sponsor is my Mentor, in person of Oladare Jacobs is the Executive Director of Rolak , an engineering company in Nigeria. His investment in my education is strategic as he aims to  employ me in his organization upon my return to Nigeria.

He is financially capable of sponsoring my education in Canada, with an annual income of Twenty four million naira (CAD 72,140) and a net worth of properties of about 400 hundred million naira (CAD  1,202,341). At this point he has no current dependents as his children are all working, and financially  stable. (See page 1 in proof of finances) 

To this end, Oladare Jacobs sworn to an affidavit that he will be my sponsor for my education and living  expenses throughout my studies. My tuition fees are in total of CAD25,000 split across 2 years. He has paid CAD10,000 towards my education, and is financially capable of paying the fee  balance. (See Proof of Paid Tuition) 

Oladare Jacobs’ USD Bank account with a closing balance of USD40,000 (50,000CAD) and Naira bank account with a closing balance of Twenty-five million naira (83,000CAD) is herewith attached. (See Document Attached)

My personal account currently holds Three million, seven hundred thousand naira (CAD12,000) which  covers my living expenses for the first year in addition to the support from Oladare Jacobs  (See Document Attached)

Ties with Nigeria 

I was born and bred in Nigeria, with all my family currently living in Nigeria. My Father ,  Oladayo Gbolagunte is an  Accountant, my mother, Tenaya Gbolagunte  is an Entrepreneur , and my brother, John Gbolagunte is a Biochemist  (See Document Attached) .  My business , SennyWears is based in Nigeria, with concrete plans of expansion after my M.Eng program.

Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to a favorable response.

Yours faithfully,