Why You Should Travel More With Your Nigerian Passport ? 

  The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in pursuit – unknown  Owning a weak passport like the Nigerian Passport means endless visa applications which costs money and time. The process of visa application is sometimes discouraging that people would rather stay put than utilize their passport. With that being said, it […]

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How To Prepare For Natural Disaster

  I was sitting in my business analytics class when the lecturer began explaining the importance of saving files when using business analytics tools. He went on to talk about the impact the California wildfire had on students at my University because all their files disappeared due to the servers located in California.  Little did […]

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Navigating Import Duties When It Comes To Shopping Online and Shipping To Canada

  One of the many things I have still not gotten quite used to in settling in Canada is navigating import duties when it comes to shopping online and shipping to Canada. A lot of brands I love such as Asos, Pretty little thing, Missguided will require you paying import duties before your parcel can […]

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